Today, with the help of Richard King, our Head of Business Research, we are pleased to launch our annual publication Outlook 2021.

It goes without saying that we’ve always known that forecasting was a difficult thing to do, but 2020 has shown this to be even more so. 2020 still has a couple of curve balls to throw yet, but 2021 will be another year of ups and downs and we hope that some of the content of our publication will serve to inform you around some of the implications of those.

For those who haven’t looked before, there is an in depth analysis of most of the major agricultural sectors in the UK as well as national outlooks, opinion pieces and specific articles on other relevant subjects. We are proud of the content and hope you will find it stimulating.

If you would like to receive a copy either electronically or in hard copy, please get in touch either via or 01968 678 465 and we will arrange for you to receive a copy.