Andersons team of experienced consultants can guide you on making the best decisions for your business and offer six core services.

Business Finance

Helping you to assess the financial requirements of your business and identifying the best combination of funding sources through the use of:

  • Budgets and cashflows – Whole farm budgets to determine profitability, cashflow and capital requirements
  • Performance monitoring and analysis
  • Financial restructuring – Advice on structuring assets and sources of finance to strengthen the business
  • Bank negotiations and assistance in sourcing finance

Business Reviews

Shedding new light on business performance and helping you make the right choices for your business through:

  • Independent reviews of business objectives
  • Strategic advice and succession planning – Andersons can assist with the formation of a business’ future plans taking into account the business objectives and challenging perceived ideas where necessary
  • Enterprise margins – Appraisal of the contribution of individual business enterprises towards overhead cost bases and business profitability
  • Cost of production – Analysis of production costs incorporating enterprise variable costs and business overheads
  • Business appraisals and solutions – Assessment of the trading performance of the business and identification of strategies for advancement
  • Comparative analysis – Of enterprise and business performance against sector and industry benchmarks
  • Profitability forecasts – Assessment of future performance taking into account output, costs and sensitivity
  • Investment appraisals

Farming Opportunities

There is an extensive range of opportunities for both landowners and farmers to work together for mutual benefit. Whilst the procedure of establishing and managing these arrangements can seem daunting, Andersons have many years’ experience of helping both landowners and farmers navigate through the establishment and management of a wide range of opportunities available to them, including:

  • Completion of business plans to assess and plan for farm purchases, future investments, capital purchases or new business ventures
  • Contract farming agreements – Andersons have specialised in this form of Joint Venture for more than 30 years. The services that we provide include helping farmers to appoint the contractor that best helps meet their objectives, advising farmers on the sensible rates and management of any agreements, helping potential contractors to prepare tenders, drawing up full legal contractual documentations and the on-going supervision and management of agreements
  • Grazing agreements – Preparation of seasonal grazing licenses
  • Labour and machinery sharing – Establishment and on-going management of collaborative agreements
  • Other joint ventures – Including specialist advice on joint venture structures, assistance with the identification of potential partners, constructing business plans and the on-going management of established agreements

Basic Payment Scheme

Andersons can provide advice and guidance on all aspects of the Basic Payment Scheme from initial registration through to submission, including:

  • Basic payment claims – Assistance with the completion of the annual Basic Payment claim, investigation of queries relating to previous claims and liaison with the Scottish government and the RPA
  • Entitlement transfers – Advice and guidance on the processes involved when entitlements are transferred between businesses through lease or sale
  • Land registration and mapping amendments – Assistance with updating the Rural Land Register to reflect land transfers, boundary changes and ineligible features
  • Advice on scheme criteria – Including active farmer and young farmer criteria
  • Cross compliance requirements – Advice and guidance on meeting the requirements of the cross compliance regime
  • Greening guidance and how it impacts your business –  Guidance on greening rules, how they impact on your business and how you can best meet your obligations within your farming system

Environmental Schemes and Grant Funding

We can provide advice and guidance on how to take advantage of the environmental and capital grant schemes available to you for both Scotland and England, including:

  • Managing/providing advice on existing agreements
  • Amending existing agreements
  • Assisting with the preparation of new applications
  • Help identifying potential sources of Rural Development Scheme grant income
  • Diversification – Assistance in the identification of diversification projects and sourcing grant funding

Farm Business and Estate Management and Administration

When requested, we can directly manage clients’ businesses on their behalf, or oversee specific operations:

  • Management reporting
  • Direct management
  • Book keeping
  • Recruitment and management of staff
  • Support
  • VAT services
  • Farm and Estate accounts and administration
  • Expert Witness
  • Due diligence