Today, with the help of Richard King, our Head of Business Research, we are pleased to launch our annual publication Outlook 2022.

2021 has been a year with many unexpected twists and turns. We have seen record prices for lamb, beef, grain and oilseed but also for fertiliser and feed. Making forecasts for the coming year is becoming an ever-greater challenge. With the speed of policy change, at least in England, uncertainty of the impact of the climate movement and new trade deals being struck, 2022 will surely keep up the trend of the unexpected. However, with the combined knowledge of the Andersons Team across the country Outlook 2022 has been put together to try make some sense of it all and what might be expected in coming year.

For those who haven’t looked before, there is an in-depth analysis of most of the major agricultural sectors in as well as national outlooks, opinion pieces and specific articles on other relevant subjects. We are proud of the content and hope you will find it stimulating.

If you would like to receive a copy either electronically click here or in hard copy, please get in touch either via or 01968 678 465 and we will arrange for you to receive a copy.